The purposes for the accomplishment of evaluations are several. Our professional intervention happens on banking sector, investment funds, judicial, insurance, real estate transactions, property tax, ile public, expropriation, asset sharing, inheritance, profitability studies, investment analysis, inventories, accounting, etc..

We are specialized in this activity, intending to guarantee, in the present and in the future, the demonstration of the scientific quality of our work to who requests it, demarcating us of other professionals whose activity suggests guessing the value of the property.

The presented reports are followed by a declaration of responsibility of the appraiser who, together with a copy of the certificate and the insurance policy, may be used for exemple in court or other official service.

Our areas of activity for which we are able, will be the evaluations of:

  • Storage or/and anexes;
  • Apartments, duplex, triplex;
  • Investment analysis;
  • Buildings for exclusive use, collective or mixed;
  • Offices or services;
  • Commercial spaces or shopping areas;
  • Individual car parking and car silos;
  • Studies of maximum profitability;
  • Single or multiple family houses;
  • Urban and industrial lots;
  • Monuments and socio-administrative equipment
  • Machinery, equipment and utensils;
  • Industrial buildings, factories or warehouses;
  • Rustic plots;
  • Mixed properties use;
  • Urban buildings for patrimonial taxes (IMI);
  • Rustic properties for patrimonial taxes (IMI);
  • Land (whatever the use);
  • Others;