Projects are constituted by designs and documentation, so as to inform about a constructive proposal folowing a request program.

There are several purposes for which projects are developed:

  • New construction;
  • Alteration;
  • Expansion;
  • Recovery / remodeling / restoring;
  • Legalization;
  • Urbanization;
  • Land division;
  • Plans, etc.

Before starting construction it is necessary to walk a path of conception and approval:

1º - In accordance with the program intended for the customer, a previous study is elaborated;

2º - After the costumer approves the previous study, the base project is elaborated that will be submitted for approval as licensing project, authorization or prior communication (usually by the Municipalities);

3º - After the approval, it will be elaborated or not, one execution project that will inform the workmanship of its constructive aspects.

4º - To initiate the workmanship, construction, urbanization or land divisions charters are aquired;

5º - During the workmanship there is technical and fiscalization accompaniment

6º - Once the construction is finished, final drawings are elaborated and a use license is solicited;

Projects are divided in two fields: Architecture and Specialties.